The Laogai Research Foundation har hittills kartlagt 1422 arbetsläger i Kina där det beräknas sitta 3-6 miljoner fångar. Samvetsfångarna är bland andra präster, munkar, dissidenter, advokater, Falun Gong-utövare, kristna och tibetaner.  Detta tillhör Kinas statshemligheter vilket kritiserades i FNs rapport i november 2008.

Produkterna som tillverkas i dessa arbetsläger exporteras bland annat till Europa och man har hittills hittat 256 arbetsläger som är registrerade som företag.

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When the gulag meets capitalism chinese characteristics

Drawing from the Maoist philosophy that work for the betterment of the nation will purify one’s thoughts, the laogai, or “reform through labor,” is a system by which “antisocial” elements are removed from society and “reformed.” Not only are convicts and dissidents detained and “reformed,” but as Laogai: The Machinery of Repression in China shows, the state profits handsomely from the unpaid labor that takes places in those camps.

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EU to press China on rights at summit: trade chief

(AFP) September 21, 2010. STRASBOURG. Europe will press China to make progress on human rights and the need to open up its markets at a summit in Brussels next month, the European Union’s trade chief said Tuesday. “Human rights are the silver threads of EU foreign policy,” European Union Trade Commissioner Karel de Gucht told the European parliament in Strasbourg. “Even though significant differences continue it is important that we discuss human rights and the rule of law during the upcoming summit,” he said.

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