Open letter to the Vietnamese government

To the Vietnamese government and it's representatives,

On the 10th of November 2011 Vu Duc Trung  and his brother in law Le Van Thanh, who both are practicing the cultivation qigong method Falun Gong, were sentenced to three respectively two years in prison each for sending uncensored news via radio into China. At the same time it was reported that the Vietnamese police has beaten and arrested 50 other Falun Gong practitioners that gathered together peacefully in the front of the courthouse in Hanoi, for a peaceful sitting protest against the trial.

The independent news broadcast has focused on the different abuse in China, such as the lack of human rights, corruption in government agencies , the crimes against and the persecution of different ethnic groups in society, circumstances that many Chinese citizens are not aware of because of the Chinese government’s almost total control over all kinds of media in China.

Erping Zhang, the spokesman for Falun Dafa Information Center says:

“This is a sad day for Vietnam. Those person’s sending uncensored news via the radio waves into China did not lead to any kind of harm for the Vietnamese society and did not break any Vietnamese law. They should be treated like heroes and not like criminals. To send Trung and Thanh to prison in a show trial is a shame and will be something that can be invoked that the Vietnamese government gives in to the pressure from the Chinese communist party.”

Vietnam is a member of the UN since 1977 and those sentences and deeds are breaking UN rules and regulations related to human rights. Don’t let your country give in to the pressure of the Chinese government’s dictatorship. Instead you can show that your country is standing up for democracy and that you are clearly against the abuse of human rights.

Falun Gong practitioners in China are brutally persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party since 1999. People abroad that are dealing with this issue have observed that thousands of people who practice this qigong method have been arrested during those 12 years of persecution. Many of them have been given long sentences in labour camps and been tortured to renounce their believes, tortures that many times have lead to death.

SHRIC hopes that the Vietnamese government will immediately release Vu Duc Trung and Le Van Thanh and also the others Falun Gong practitioners which have been imprisoned and publicly apologize for this kind of behaviour.

Best regards,

Petra Lindberg, the President of Supporting Human Rights in China

Johan Alpmar, Vice President


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