Chinese Wukan Villagers Step Up Protest in Face of Police Blockade

Chinese from Wukan Village, a hamlet of 20,000 that is now surrounded by paramilitary forces, have stepped up their protests, calling for a gathering in Beijing and holding a rally against corruption.

The Wukan Village in southern China that has been taking care of itself since Monday after it kicked out Communist Party representatives was besieged by police on Dec. 14. Now villagers and the authorities are in a standoff. The latter has set up a blockade, allowing neither entry nor exit for supplies, food, and water. The tensions that led to the current impasse have been simmering for three months.

Wukan residents who currently study and work in other places in China have announced plans to launch an appeal, or protest, in Beijing on Dec. 21, according to Mr. Chen, a village resident reached by telephone, in an interview with The Epoch Times.

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