Seventeen Years Have Passed but Hada and Family are Still not Free

Seventeen years have passed since the arrest of Mr. Hada in 1995. He was found guilty of “engaging in espionage and splitting the country” and given a 15 year jail term. Exactly two years ago today, Hada completed his full prison term of 15 years in the Inner Mongolia Prison No.4 at Ulaanhad (Chifeng in Chinese) City of Southern (Inner) Mongolia. But on his release date, the Chinese authorities placed him under arbitrary detention. Equally egregiously, the authorities arrested his wife Ms. Xinna and son Mr. Uiles a week before his expected release date.

Due to Hada and his family members’ refusal to admit to any crime or wrongdoing, Xinna was sentenced to 3 years in jail with 5 years reprieve on a trumped up charge of “engaging in illegal business”. The sentence was delivered after Ms. Xinna had spent 16 months under illegal detention. Hada’s son Uiles was also put under a de facto indefinite house arrest after a year-long detention accused of “drug possession”.

“We are not allowed to visit Hada now and are really worried about Hada’s health condition,” Ms. Xinna told the Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Center (SMHRIC) in a telephone interview. Their phone line had been cut off for at least a week recently.

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