Chinese Dissidents Publicly Denounce Communist Party

Protesters in two cities have been openly calling for the end to communist rule in recent days, as the demand for reform in China quickens, and with it a new apparent lack of fear for the consequences.

Yan’an resident Liu Hui stood on the bustling Beijing Road in Guangzhou on Feb. 13 and 14, holding banners that read “End the Dictatorship” and “Eliminate the Party’s Enslavement of People.” Lui’s companion photographed him with the first banner and uploaded the image to the Internet.

On the first day, Liu was taken away by domestic security officers, but later released, an anonymous human rights defender told The Epoch Times. On the second day he was again detained; his whereabouts are currently unknown, and his cell phone off.

Previously, Liu held anti-communist banners outside the annual “two meetings” of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in Guangzhou on Jan. 22. They read “Overthrow the Communist Dictatorship, Establish Democracy,” and “The Communist Party Are Communist Bandits.”

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