Swedish Parliament: Forum on Forced Organ Harvesting in China

Forum at the Swedish Parliament on organ harvesting in China organized by members of parliament:

Elisabeth Björnsdotter Rahm (M)
Hans Rothenberg (M)
Boriana Åberg (M)
Torbjörn Björlund (V)
Anna Steele (Fp)
Maria Lundqvist-Brömster (Fp)
Helena Lindahl (C)
Annelie Enochson (Kd)
Carin Runeson (S)
Valter Mutt (Mp)

Hon. David Kilgour

Mr. Man-Yan Ng

Professor Huige Li

Mrs. Petra Lindberg

Mr. Dan Alfjorden

Members of the Swedish Parliament and attendees listened as each speaker spoke in depth on their fields and experiences relating to the issue of Organ Pillaging in China. The forum closed with a Q&A , and with Parliament Members: Elisabeth Björnsdotter Rahm, Annelie Enochson , Anna Steele & Professor Huige Li, giving interviews to NTD Television.

Hon. David Kilgour is on his way to Norway to speak and hold more lectures on this issue.

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