SHRIC met with Rebiya Kadeer ”The Mother of all Uighurs”, invited to hold a speech at the Swedish Parliament.

Rebiya Kadeer, also called ”The Mother of all Uighurs”, was invited to hold a speech at the Swedish Parliament yesterday, 25 March. SHRIC was there to listen and ask questions.

Uighurs are muslims and live in East Turkestan or “Xinjiang” as it is called by the regime, a province i northern China, and are heavily suppressed by the Chinese regime.

Some of the points Rebyia Kadeer talked about was:
– Chinese security forces are in every corner and street of East Turkestan (“Xinjiang”). They often search their houses and arrest young male uighurs, specifically those who are under the age of 25. These young men seldom return from the arrest and are reported ”missing”.

– Outside of hospitals and libraries are signs that say that men with beard and women with head scarf are not allowed inside.

– Chinese authorities forced Uighur muslims to eat food daytime during their Ramadan fasting.

– Chinese police now are allowed to shoot any Uighur anywhere if they make any resistance whatsoever.

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