The Chilling Reason for China’s One-Child Policy

WASHINGTON – A leading figure in the fight against China’s mass fetal genocide says China doesn’t need its deadly one-child policy anymore.  In fact, the communist superpower now faces a population shortage, not a population excess.

Human rights activist Reggie Littlejohn, head of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, accuses the Chinese Communist Party of using the outdated policy to terrorize the nation’s people and keep an iron grip on them.

Power Extends to Every Womb

“I believe it’s a way for the Chinese Communist Party to demonstrate to every human being in China that the arm of their power extends from Beijing to every single womb in China to declare life or death over the baby in there,” Littlejohn said in an exclusive interview with CBN News.

Littlejohn had a chance to testify about this to the Congressional-Executive Commission on China Thursday.

Also among the witnesses was demographer Nicholas Eberstadt of the American Enterprise Institute.  He said the one-child policy has been so ruthlessly effective at killing hundreds of millions of unborn Chinese – especially baby girls – the country now faces a dangerous dearth of workers and women.

“It has helped create a declining labor force for the future,” Eberstadt explained, “a rapidly aging society, a marriage squeeze for prospective brides and grooms from the gender-imbalanced generation, and a fragmentation of family.”

“And Chinese society like all societies depends for civilization on the family structure,” Eberstadt added.

Commission Chairman Rep. Chris Smith, R-N.J., told CBN News this now counterproductive policy with its emphasis on forced abortions and sterilizations continues to wreak havoc and heartbreak throughout the Middle Kingdom.

“All across China, women are suffering,” Smith said.  “The suicide rate is 600 women per day in China, much of it attributable to the chaos and frankly the heartbreak of having the state literally destroy your child when you wanted to have a baby.”

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